Solutions, not products

Efinso provides solutions, not products. What is the difference? Big, Huge!

When you buy a product, it’s like buying a car. Initially, you are elated. Soon, the problems start pinching you. You need to spend enormous amount of time in maintaining it. When is the service due? Have we paid insurance and taxes? There is too much traffic on the road. On reaching the destination, there is no place to park! We all know it. Net net, your hassles go up – sharply.

Compare this with having a chauffeur-driven car, all neat and trim, to take you any place you want to go to. All you do is to sit there in the back seat, enjoy reading a nice book or talk to your friends over the phone or catch a quick nap while the chauffeur takes care of all the hassles and takes you to the destination.

When Efinso partners with you, that is exactly the tranquil feeling you get. We call it Zero Hassle